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taxi cab confessions

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nik khrushchev Dec 06, 2003 12:46 Read 209 times, Dig?
so, these three very different looking guys pile into the back seat of my taxi. i picked them up from club 5, one of the few gay establishments, and the only gay dance club, in madison.

one guy looked to be in his fifties. he starts making out with the guy riding bitch, who appears to be in his early twenties. and the other dude was in his thirties. all three were loaded, and between swapping spit, they kept talking about going back to the old dudes house for cocktails (thats not all im sure).

a couple minutes into the ride, and they just now get around to introductions. The old guy is ken, and he actually knows the other guy, al, who is looking like a third wheel (al kept talking bout crashing in kens guestroom). the young kid is vu, and he doesnt know either of the guys. he was born in vietnam, grew up in madison, at 16 moved to the bay area, and now lives and goes to college in chicago.

they get to talking about school, and al tells vu, "you know ken here is a teacher."

ken: "no im not. im really more in administration"

vu: "what was your name again?" he looks ken over.

ken: "ken"

vu: "did you ever teach preschool?"

Ken: "yes"

vu: "i knew id knew you from somewhere. i remember your sparkling eyes. you were my preschool teacher."

ken: "yes i was"

al: "no shit!?!"

ken: "yeah, i remember"

vu: "and ive seen you around town before too"

ken: "yeah, ive seen you too"

uncomfortable silence, followed by ken grabbing vu and making out with him some more.

me, im trying my darndest to not bust out laughing. i had a big goofy grin on my face for sure, but i held it together well enough not to laugh in their faces.

and we get to kens house, he pays. they leave. and im thinking, jesus christ thats wierd. oh well.
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This story was written by nik khrushchev and has been brought you you by the letters P and S.
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