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running with the bulls

ephidryn Jul 08, 2003 06:35 Read 328 times, Dig?
ok. so i'm going to get on a train tonight at like 10:30 and i'm going to pamplona, spain where i will wake up at 5:30 when the train arrives and run in the street with a million crazy tourists, 6 bulls, and 6 steers. this scares the fuck out of me which is why i have to do it. :)

if i die then

  o corey and kendra can keep my motorbike. (ro sham bo to see who gets it)

  o dana can have my digital camera

  o vernie can have the bottle of gin that i hid in the park near the whale statue. (email me for details)

  o nick can have my jacket and gloves and

  o mom can have my excessive collection of commercial mail that has been building up at her house.

  o barbara can have all my music and samples.

  o vince can have

  o martha can have my collection of souffle recipes. (they never collapse)

  o steve can have

  o abbie can have rights to my email archive.

  o rebecca can have untainted jw posts on pb.

  o man... there's so many more people but i don't have that much stuff.

  o i would like to be burried with my laptop and dsl modem. (who knows?)


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Comments from other users:

  • "i claim your tank bag, and refuse to keep your tatami mat any longer than i have to" - strungout
  • "have fun, just dont get your ass removed. we like it!" - Schlagzeug
  • "LOL" - zoe
  • "you know that you've lived wisely when you get a "LOL!" in response to your will." - religious icon
  • "No worries, it's a relatively safe idiotic endeavor. :)" - Squeeb!
This story was written by ephidryn and has been brought you you by the letters F and I.
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