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kinkypink (music)

ephidryn Jun 25, 2003 19:51 Read 301 times, Dig?
it's not quite as kinky as i wanted it to be but i think this marks the beginning of a long relationship with my small friend from the small country.

i was _really_ drunk one night and decided to write some lyrics. i focused on the thing that makes me feel the most and eventually ran around to morgan. the whole thing sucks and all so let's not talk about it. i recorded the voice track while listening to the music with my headphones on. i read all the words and ad libbed a bit but the words still only covered like 60% of the track. i wanted the words to go all the way so i slowed it down in cool edit pro and layered it over the top with dynamic distortion.

you can download it here. it's about 4.9MB

there's also a bah edition which is encoded at 96k that you can download here. it's about 3.7MB

on this track i spent a lot of time with the synths and really neglected the drums. i am currently working on a redrum programming extravaganza with some french samples, crazy cool drums, and a few synths that wear womens underpants. i have no plans to put my voice in it. the lyrics are attached at the end.


  tell me it's the best ever. i need positive reinforcement. ;)

i loved you
and i'm in love with you still
you got the magic powers
that can make me still

you put me in the verse
that's the good one

you tought me how to trick
and how to be

you tought me how to play
and how to be

i got lost along the way
but now i'm trying to be

it will work itself out
and then we'll be

you and be
like the cmercial

just you and me
we'll be.

i hate you as much as i love you
we can be

just you and me

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  • "this is, indeed, the best thing ever... except for maybe that one thing, but... this is pretty close, or maybe better. i really don't remember. we were drinking." - religious icon
This story was written by ephidryn and has been brought you you by the letters W and M.
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